We'll set up the right tools to get better data on your website's performance. 

Have the Get Clicked Team help you understand better how your website is performing through Google Analytics & Facebook Insights.

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Evaluate How Patients Find You

Understanding more about your patients means better marketing decisions in the future.  

Here are the tools we will use. 

Google Analytics

Google My Business

Facebook Pixel

Why choose us?

We provide digital marketing services to exclusively to Medspas.  Our specialization is executing digital media campaigns that get your practice patients. 

We get the right message out so you can get the right patients in.  

With a background in education, I will assist you in understanding your dashboard.  You want to be able to comprehend your data, not simply be collecting it.  

Eric Martineau, M.Sc

Founder & Digital Marketing Specialist


We'll install your web traffic tracking tools for you at no cost.  

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